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Nature Productions is looking for the best amature teams in the world. The winner is chosen by Pursuit Channel viewers. The winner will be given their own season next year!
Ozark Mountain Hunt Co.
Signs on for the 2015 season of The Search. It appears the team out of MO. is going to make a play for the big time and has inked a deal with Nature Productions and the highly anticipated TV show, The Search
Another great team signs a contract to be part of The Search this upcoming season. Please continue to check back right here on the website for details on who has signed up next. We got some rock stars in the making.
ATTENTION!! For those of you considering being on the show, we have 1 simple rule ..... you can not have had a national TV show that has aired on any national network. Youtube, regional, and local is fine. This show is for those who are Hunting for the Dream, not for those who already made it.
  The Teams  
Bearded Lady  
What is Bearded Lasy. The name comes from the dog featured in the show
Giving Thanks Outdoors  
Team GT, two corn fed, God fearing country boys from Farmland, Indiana. Jake Gibson and Carlas Bogue grew up hunting with their dads, but little did their families know they would take their childhood passion and turn it into a lifestyle. With over 25 years hunting experience between the two of them Jake and Carlas live to spend time in the field. The search is over, dreams are about to become reality, game on!
High Country Addiction  
We are a Family and Friends based Hunting group that has an extreme addiction for the outdoors. Some of the team members consisting of Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Husbands and Wives.
Jerzee Boys Outdoors
Lone Star Headhunters  
Ozark Mountain Hunt co.  
The Ozark Mountain Hunt Company is a production team from Missouri and Arkansas. Every member of the HuntCo takes as much pride in quality video production as they do in being knowledgeable woodsmen. Although we're proud to pursue all types of game, our strongest passion lies in chasing whitetail deer in the Midwest.
Real South Hunting  
Real South Hunting is a new hunting show focused on the southeast U.S. Come with us as we chase deer, turkey and whatever else is in season.
Southern Hog Slayers  
We are a company of avid hog hunters who love the rootin' life and slayin' life!! We offer Hog Removal, and Guided Hog Hunts along the coast of the Carolina's. Also, Southern Hog Slayer Kennels offers Black Mouth Cur Puppies with a blood line that offers the highest quality hog dogs there are to purchase on the market.
Rack'd Up Outdoors  
Team Rack'D Up Outdoors Eats, Lives, Breathes, and Dreams Hunting 24/7! We are honored by the opportunity to enter the thriving outdoor industry thru 'The Search'! Fueled by an insatiable appetite for exploiting the great outdoors and all that Mother Nature has to offer, this small collective group of athletic men and women are fanatical hunters taking their passion to the next level by capturing each unbelievable hunting experience on camera. Join them as they tackle the Northwest one hardcore adventure after another!
Blood Driven  
Team Description COMING SOON
Heartland Traditions  
Welcome to Heartland Traditions. Heartland Traditions consists of three guys with their families that work hard and hunt even harder. We are located in Southwest Missouri. Our group enjoys introducing kids and adults to hunting and fishing for the first time. We are actively involved in our community with coaching youth in baseball, football, and 4H archery. Our passion is to film our experiences in the outdoors no matter where or who it is with.
Coyote Country  
Coyote Country was created informally by Leo Paquin in 2012. Don’t let the name Coyote Country fool you! Although, coyote hunting is a passion, errrr….some might even say an obsession, rest assured that the Coyote Country team pursues most of the species that Alberta has to offer. Coyote Country consists of team members Leo Paquin, Mitch Visser, Martin Tailleur and Susan Paquin. The mission of Coyote Country is simple - to capture entertaining, informative and action filled video footage. or
Outdoor Adrenaline Junkyz  
Team Description COMING SOON
Team Description COMING SOON
Cuttin Outdoors  
Cuttin Outdoors is a young group of men, practically brothers, based out of the great state of Arkansas. We come from a strong hunting background passed down from generations of family knowledge. Although we enjoy videoing all types of hunting and outdoor recreations, waterfowl and turkeys in our home state is our bread and butter. When we aren't hunting we are training top notch retrievers for all waterfowl enthusiast.
Trophy Addiction  
Trophy Addiction is a team consisting of both men and women based primarily out of Missouri, who share the same love for the outdoors. The Trophy Addiction name does not represent the size nor score of the animals we harvest but rather the experience resulting in each hunt, which created the moto we stand by "Behind every Trophy is the Addiction". As we continue to film our journey through the outdoor world please follow us and join the Trophy Addiction family.
Outreach Outdoors  
We are a group of hard working hunters who try to balance full-time jobs, families, school, ministry, and our passion for spending time in God's creation. We love sharing our stories (good and bad) through the lens of a camera.